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These are examples of articles produced by Billie Moreland & Associates.

Billie Moreland Receives Award
2010-11-10 14:42:22

October 21, 2010. Billie Moreland, PhD, of Billie Moreland and Associates was given an Award of Honor by Sirti at their Board Meeting. An Award of Honor was also given to Steve Simmons, PhD, Eastern Washington University professor of computer science and Billie’s husband. The award was “in special -- Click for more!

Billie Moreland Wins 2008 Journalist-of-the-Year Award
2008-05-02 10:04:54

Billie Shaw Moreland is the winner of the 2008 Small Business Administration (SBA) business journalist-of the-year champion award for the Pacific Northwest Region 10.. SBA’s Region 10 includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The award was presented in Seattle on Tuesday, April 29. SBA -- Click for more!

Triangle Welcomes Dry Fly Distilling
2007-12-03 16:53:24

Beverages made at Dry Fly Distilling are an amalgam of chemistry, technology, and human sensory perception. Dry Fly Distilling is the first and only micro-distillery in the state of Washington and is located in the Riverwalk complex at 1003 E. Trent. Their vodka and gin are now in the state liquor -- Click for more!

Richard Kirishian’s RugSpa Expands e-Commerce
2007-03-01 10:51:38

“Did you know that an 8’ x 10’ size rug holds 8 to 10 pounds of dirt and still looks clean?” Richard Kirishian, of Kirishian Rugs & Home Décor and RugSpa, at 220 E Second Ave has the only rug washing equipment and service in the greater Northwest, and perhaps the entire United States. This is an “ -- Click for more!

One World Video: Productions for DVD, CD or for the Web, Produced by Peter Simmons
2006-05-18 14:57:39

Video, as a medium, is a powerful tool for creating a “personality,” for generating enthusiasm for ideas and plans, and for setting forth a vision of the future. A handful of startling facts sprinkled throughout a video that tells a story, sweeps its audience up into the enthusiasm, the vision, or -- Click for more!

VPnet Project Passes Musical Milestone
2006-05-18 14:34:48

Last Friday, the usually hushed halls of Eastern Washington University’s Center for Network Computing and Cyber Security (CNCACS) swelled with the sounds of improvisational jazz, as EWU music students wielding saxophones, trombones, guitars, bass, and keyboards participated in a milestone experiment -- Click for more!

Entrepreneurs and Researchers Seek Parallel Computing Clusters
2005-07-18 11:47:11

Fifteen Spokane area research scientists, representing all of the area’s universities and several private sector companies, research administrators, and economic development gurus met at SIRTI on Thursday, July 14 to storm the problem of applications for parallel computer clusters. The thirty atten -- Click for more!

Lingraphica Eases Aphasia
2004-05-14 16:18:17

Intellectual property, technology transfer, research commercialization --- several state and local institutions are poised to help take ideas and the research based on those ideas to the market place. The Washington Technology Center (WTC), SIRTI, and INTEC have machinery in place to help technolog -- Click for more!

WSU Professor Creates Super Computer
2004-04-12 10:23:08

What do you do when you need super computing power and the latest in supercomputers costs more than $24 million to build? (At least that’s what the Department of Energy is paying.) If you’re Dr. Paul Schimpf, associate professor of engineering at WSU Spokane, you simply build your own. Schimpf i -- Click for more!

Article 1, Twinkie Technology
2004-04-07 08:44:49

Fresh out of college in 1965 with a master’s degree in food science, I landed my first big job in the laboratory at Paniplus. A subsidiary of Continental Baking Company, Paniplus manufactured additives for bakery mixes. Additives are those chemicals with unpronounceable names listed last on food l -- Click for more!

Article 2. Norman Simmons
2004-04-07 08:42:57

Norman Simmons, 88, Was Nobel Prize Nominee

Dr. Norman Simmons, UCLA Professor Emeritus, was nominated, in 1972 for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The nomination concerned the "Conformation dependent optically active electronic transitions (Cotton effects) -- Click for more!

Article 3 SSRI Research
2004-04-07 08:41:44

WSU Spokane Scientists Launch Clinical Research

Adding to the growing cluster of biotechnology activities in the Terabyte Triangle, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH) awarded a $143,000 grant to WSU Spokane researchers Joanna Ellington and Clarke St. De -- Click for more!

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